Unicorns Will Recover From Coronavirus

   April 29, 2020. Identifying enduring trends that will fuel Start-Ups when social distancing ends. A 2 by 2 analysis of trend strength vs tech leverage.


Your Engineering Team Needs to Learn This from the 737 MAX

   June 21, 2019. Emphasizing the need for a common operating picture and set of state variables in the design of Cyber Physical Systems like the 737 MAX. 

Unconstrained Futurism and the Billion-Dollar Unicorn.

   March 16, 2019. Exploiting unconstrained thinking to predict what tech trends will fuse together and create novel use cases that are ripe for early investment.


Fundamental things about Artificial Intelligence every business leader needs to know.

   November 6, 2018. Can those selling you AI-enabled solutions guarantee those solutions use the right data, ask the right questions, and keep up with the pace of change?

Bottom-Up Suggestions to Improve U.S. STEM

   February 9, 2018. A look at three things that could turn around STEM education in the U.S. Mentoring, staying excited about math through high school, and teaching uncertainty.


Graphic: Pocket Guide to Technology Scouting

   November 20, 2017.  Process and technology are inextricably linked. Technical and social risks and rewards are tightly coupled. When looking for the next best thing, you must consider both.

Watt-Scale Thermoelectric Generators: Rich with Intellectual Property Opportunities

  October 15, 2017.  The IoT will run on energy harvested from the environment.  Thermoelectric materials that turn heat into electricity at room temperature will be huge.

Can Electric Airplanes Fly Over the Infrastructure Storm Facing Electric Cars?
  September 6, 2017.  Electric cars will challenge the power grid.  Electric airplanes charged from a fleet's central hub could change the transportation paradigm before the grid catches up.

How Space Colonization Will Challenge the Relationship Between Nation, Citizen, and Corporation
August 1, 2017.  There are no borders in Space, yet.  A look at stretching Westphalian Sovereignty from Earth into the Open Borders of Space.

Scientists: You Do Have the Tools to Make the Jump to Business
  May 23, 2017.  Views on what one learns as a scientist that is absolutely applicable in the business world.

How to Become a Billionaire Off Space — Without Already Being a Billionaire

  May 3, 2017.  A witty, motivational look at how the aspiring young space entrepreneur can make it big off the coming race to mine asteroids.

Mars: It's not a Science Experiment

   March 15, 2017.  Commentary on the dangerous trip and messy ethics of colonizing Mars. But get ready, it's going to happen. 

The Social Grocery Store
   February 12, 2017.  How traditional grocery stores can survive and thrive in the era of automation.

What if an Asteroid Hit the Federal Budget?

   January 10, 2017.  How space mining can solve out budgetary problems.


The Trump Wall and Shared Strategic Interests with Mexico

   December 14, 2016.  There is a path to a win-win in border security.

A Veteran's Message of Compromise
   November 18, 2016.  Why honest give and take can lead to big things.

The Coming Economic Sector Underlying 5G Wireless

   October 28, 2016.  Integrated, Interdependent Infrastructure.

The Radio Enabled Cow (or Why Aren't I Telepathic?)

   October 21, 2016.  Why didn't evolution wire us together?

Autonomy. It's Coming, But Will It Be Any Fun?

   September 16, 2016.  Once artificial intelligence is here, what's left for us?

The Data Minimum Wage

   August 11, 2016.  We generate data just by living, why not get paid for it?

Zero Cost Information: As weird as it gets.

   June 27, 2016.  A new look at copyright in the age if no-cost copying.

Information Charm School

   May 3, 2016.  Getting past awkward pop-ups and shameless product placement.

Math.  You don't need it.  Not!

   April 21, 2016.  A satirical look at what math you really need in life.

Autonomous Vehicles and Impaired Driving: Straight-Up, or On the Rocks?

  April 10, 2016.  An examination of the ethics and liability issues in autonomy.

The U.S. and Brazil: Two Brothers Fighting.  Grow Up!

   April 2, 2016.  A survey of the shared history, but different outcomes in the nations.

Technology & On-Demand Air Travel: Time to Re-Regulate.

   March 26, 2016.  A look at opportunities and obstacles and in air transport.

Amateur Wireless Internet: A World Ripe for Incubating Innovation

   March 18, 2016. A review of an overlooked area of technology.

“Decrypting” Encryption: Secrecy is Engineering; Privacy is Policy

   March 11, 2016.  A primer on what it takes to get privacy vs. secrecy.

Design Tips to Stave Off Killer-Robot Armageddon

   March 4, 2016. A review of engineering choices that could come back to haunt us.

DIUx. Early Returns Are In: Too Close to Call

   February 25, 2016.  Some thoughts on DoD's new innovation center in Silicon Valley.